Bud’s Wicked Leather Strap

By Roxxie

Name of Product: Leather Belt Strap
Product Description: Cruel, Belt-like Strap
Price (approximate): $40
Where purchased: Bud’s Wicked Leather
Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!


While this strap isn’t actually called the Leather Belt Strap (rather, it’s nameless), I was one of those kids who got punished with my dad’s leather belt and this thing bears a resemblance while being at least twice as cruel. I.e. if you or your lover also had cruel parents, this thing can be great for a mind fuck. The leather is significantly heavier than that of a belt, but it has a belt-like, pointed tip and the perforations are reminiscent of those used to secure a buckle.


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Pocket Rocket vs. Aqua Wand

By Roxxie

The Pocket Rocket is a classic favorite vibrator. It is small, fits in the palm of my hand, and of course fits in my pocket! This vibe can be really great when you travel because it is so small and discreet. It isn’t obvious what it is and it should get past prying eyes without a blink.

It runs on one AA battery and has on and off settings. It has one speed and it not adjustable. The toy is twisted to turn it on, off and to open the battery case. You must be careful when you twist it because if you turn to hard or to far you will break the mechanism.

The Pocket Rocket has a powerful vibration that can be focused directly on the clit. You might feel some of the vibration in your hand while holding the toy. It has a removable top with tiny nubs. Underneath the removable top, the main base of the product has larger nubs which can give an even more intense focused vibration on the clit.

The Pocket Rocket is really versatile and can be used with a partner or with other toys. It is really affordable. This toy is not waterproof, but there are waterproof versions, such as the Waterdancer, available. Because of the toy’s small size it might be difficult to use if you have problems grasping.

Babeland’s Aqua Wand is a new favorite of mine. It is longer and thinner than the Pocket Rocket and looks a lot more sexy. It’s still very portable and purse sized, and almost looks like my nice pen. This is a pretty simple vibe and it gets right to the point.

It runs on two AAA batteries and has an on/off push button. It is just about as powerful as the Pocket Rocket. The battery case has a screw cap. Make sure to screw it completely closed and it will be submersible in water. If it is not closed completely the batteries inside will move around and the vibration will louder.

The Aqua Wand has a smooth reflective vibrating head that vibrates right on your clit. I really prefer the smooth end to the Pocket Rocket’s nubby end. It fits in my hand really well, with its slender curvy shape. The longer length makes it easier for me to reach my important parts. Babeland.com suggests taking this vibe with you to a hot tub, which sounds like an excellent idea to me. I really prefer the Aqua Wand to the Pocket Rocket, but they are both excellent vibes.

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By Roxxie

Name of Product: Feeldo
Product Description: Strapless strap-on with 6.5″ cock and insertable egg and internal vibrator
Price (approximate): $80
Where purchased: Adam Eve
Overall recommendation: smooch!


The idea behind the Feeldo is sound and I genuinely hope that someday someone comes up with a functional version, which I’ve heard may be the Nexus.

When I first tried to use the Feeldo I was so excited that it was a while before I noticed that all my thrusting was in vain. You see, the Feeldo is attached to the wielder by an inserted egg with a thin, flexible neck. Unfortunately this neck means that the cock doesn’t thrust inside your partner. This was fixed by tying a handy rope–another useful bedroom aid–around the bottom of the cock, which was in turn tied around my waist. So much for a strapless strap-on.


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Fushia: Fukuoku

By Roxxie

Members: Enter

Guests: Join!

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3 Vibes

By Roxxie


Lena, Nikki and Michelle get together to compare their favorite toys and vibrators, but they decide to play instead! Michelle and Nikki use two Pocket Rocket vibes on Lena. Then she gets the Hitachi wand, and finally Nikki gets the Hitachi wand. These three have a whole lot of fun torturing each other with toys! 8:21 min.


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Roxxie: Wahl

By Roxxie


Roxxie tries out the Wahl vibrator in the soft afternoon sunlight.
7:10 min Video

Name of Product: Wahl
Product Description: This coil-operated wonder vibrates faster than Hitachi Magic Wand, providing a more focused buzzing sensation. Without a doubt our quietest electric vibrator. Runs on 110v power, needs a converter for 240v. Two speeds, includes seven attachments. 6-1/2″ long.
Price (approximate): $38.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

The Wahl is an electric vibrator, similar to the Hitachi wand. I personally prefer the Wahl over the Hitachi! I really like to use the attachments on the Wahl to pinpoint specific spots, well one specific spot anyway. The focused vibrations from the Wahl really make me scream.

And my favorite lube, Yoni Butter from Mantis Herbs.


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Rubber Flogger

By Roxxie

Name of Product: Rubber Tawse
Product Description: Small flogger with rubber falls and a wooden, bead handle
Price (approximate): $20
Where purchased: Frugal Domme
Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!


What first attracted me to this little flogger was the cost. Something comparable in one of the bigger BDSM toy stores would easily be twice the price. Yay for the Frugal Domme! What kept me interested was how pretty it is and what made me buy it was the excellent design. The handle is not only attractive, but very comfortable to hold–especially for women with smaller hands. In addition, the falls are well-cut with attractively angled ends.

This baby is as versatile as it is pretty. When I got it, the rubber made me think of genitorture and indeed it is good for that. The wide, flat falls are arranged in a row, which means they’re easy to keep in line to target your playmate’s sweet spot. Of course, you can also allow them to spread out for flogging elsewhere. Because they’re rubber, the falls are easy to clean and have a certain bite to them that warm leather just can’t duplicate. If you intend to use the flogger for genitorture, you might want to keep in mind that the falls are pretty heavy, which gives them a pleasant thud, but means you need to be light-handed in your approach.

This toy has quickly become one of my most beloved floggers. I highly recommend it–especially for the price!

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Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel

By Roxxie

Blossom Organics Arousal Gel is not a product that I would normally choose for myself. I’ve never actually used any products to increase arousal, because most of them are scary. I know that there are quite a few herbs that can be used for naturally increasing libido. I looked into it and looked at some supplements to have on hand just in case I need some help performing, but I never actually bought or used any. Babeland sent me a sample and I was excited to give it a try. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. I wanted to give it a test drive solo with a toy, and wow it was intense. I had a very satisfying warm orgasm, and my vulva was very very happy. It smelled nice. It felt nice. I am very happy with the Blossom Organics Arousal Gel.

Blossom Organics Arousal Gel isn’t very lube-ish. It is a bit moisturizing but I don’t think it replaces lube. It’s possible that you end up being so aroused and stimulated that you don’t need so much lube. It is a bit tingly because it contains peppermint oil, and I think that’s increases blood flow to the vulva. It also contains a number of other natural herbal ingredients that are specific to women’s sexuality. There are no questionable ingredients, so you know this is safe for your sensitive parts. I suppose that it could work for men too, but this is pretty obviously targeted to women’s sexual pleasure.

Special Bonus! Buy the Arousal Gel with the Blossom Organics lube and Babeland will donate 10% to charity. Or get a free bottle of the Blossom Organics lube with a $60 purchase and code BLOSSOM.

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Slyde & Prudence Pt. 2

By Roxxie


Part 2 of Slyde and Prudence is even more playful! Prudence uses the slick Lumina dildo to tickle Slyde’s g-spot and then teases her with the pocket rocket. 6:55 min. Video

Name of Product: Lumina Wand
Product Description: hard, clear pink acrylic that curves for easy G-spotting. Two knobs at the base make a firm, easy-to-grip handle. 6 1/2″ X 1 1/4″ at widest point.
Price (approximate): $30.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!


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Slyde & Prudence

By Roxxie

Slyde and Prudence are a real hot butch-femme couple. They come together to test out some toys. Prudence starts out by playing with Slyde while wearing a sexy and safe purple glove.
7:40 min. Video


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Prudence: Wahl & Dildo

By Roxxie

Prudence finishes up using the Wahl with her silicone dildo. She sure can sream! Watch her hot orgasm face. 5:31 min. VIDEO!

Name of Product: Wahl 7-in-1
Product Description: This coil-operated, vibrates faster than Hitachi Magic Wand, quietest electric vibrator. Runs on 110v power, needs a converter for 240v. Two speeds, includes seven attachments. 6-1/2″ long.
Price (approximate): $38.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!

Nice electic vibrator can be used for direct clit stimulation and can also be used to vibrate my silicone dildo.


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Prudence: Silicone Dildo

By Roxxie

Welcome our newest red hot and tattooed reviewer, Prudence! She tests a sexy purple silicone dildo after warming herself up with her hand. She wants you to watch!
6:50 min. Video

Name of Product: Leo Silicone Dildo
Product Description: Perfect size, pleasing shape, medium firm silicone. 7-1/8″ x 1-1/2″.
Price (approximate): $58.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!

Silicone makes my girl bits happy!


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Dildo Meditations

By Chelsea

The alcoholic, bisexual, syphilitic and scary smart John Wilmot, Lord Rochester, penned the politically satirical “Signior Dildo? in 1673. The poem offers these lines:

When next you go thither to make your Selves Sweet, [10]
By Buying of Powder, Gloves, Essence, or So
You may Chance get a Sight of Signior Dildo.
You’ll take him at first for no Person of Note
Because he appears in a plain Leather Coat:
But when you his virtuous Abilities know [15]
You’ll fall down and Worship Signior Dildo.

Like most of Rochester’s poems, this one swerves seamlessly between anxious praise and painful derision, between the deeply personal and the abjectly political, between male and female, between heterosexuality and homosexuality, between just about every polar opposite you can imagine. Rochester was never a man to be easily pinned down, a facet that Johnny Depp plays up in his portrayal of Rochester in the filmic version of The Libertine. In this particular poem, however, the praised and derided, loved and hated, feared and desired, vexed object in question is the dildo.

The dildo is an ancient object. One found in a German cave dates back about 28,000 years, suggesting that we humans have been using tools to for pleasure since the ice age. Before their current silicone, stainless steel, pyrex and jelly incarnations, dildos were often carved from stone, ivory or wood, or fabricated by stuffing a leather pouch with rags, horsehair or other filler, which is the type that Rochester’s “Signior Dildo? evenhandedly celebrates and vilifies.

(One has to marvel at Rochester’s choice of the dildo as the tool upon which to skewer his political enemies. He is one dead mother-fucker I’d invite to the apocryphal dinner party.)

But enough of dusty dildo history. I write here today not to bury the dildo, but to praise it. I, as Rochester predicted of his reader, have fallen down and worshipped the dildo. I love my dildo, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

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What to do with your old sex toys?

By Roxxie

I still have my old sex toys in a drawer somewhere!

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Slyde: Nexus, Nipple Clamps and Lipstick Vibe

By Roxxie


Welcome Slyde to Girl Tools! She’s the hottest butch ever, and today she gets in touch with herself for us. She’s not afraid to take control and use all her toys for maximum pleasure. Watch her use the Nexus double dildo, home made nipple clamps and the lipstick vibe.
8:20 min. video


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Coxxann: Yellow Bullet Vibe Pt. 1

By Roxxie

gt_cxyellow1a.jpg gt_cxyellow1b.jpg gt_cxyellow1c.jpg

This is Coxxann’s favorite toy, a simple generic bullet vibe. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure does make her scream! 7:52 min video.


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Some Ways to Enjoy Your Girl Parts, pt.101

By Chelsea

In some ways women get the short end of the stick when it comes to enjoying sex. While it’s true that some of us do get the benefit of being multi-orgasmic, most of us aren’t. And while it’s true that not only do we have the potential for many orgasms in one sexual session, and not only do studies prove that our orgasms longer-lasting and more intense than men’s orgasms, it’s also true that percentages of anorgasm in women have been so high that until recently, the inability to orgasm wasn’t considered a sexual dysfunction.

While I’m not saying that men have it easy in the sex department—especially men who have suffered sexual trauma, whether that trauma was emotional or physical—men’s biology makes it a bit easier for them to find pleasure and that our culture tends to be a bit more forgiving to men who like sex, at least to heterosexual men.

Our bodies don’t necessarily make it easy on us. Those recalcitrant sex organs tucked up, under, and away can play possum, and often as we lurch our ways toward pleasure, we may find that it’s like spelunking without a headlight. It’s often hard enough to discern what pleases us; it’s yet harder to give directions to someone else when we can’t even provide any kind of definitive road map. And on top of all of this, we’re often the unwitting bearer of sexual baggage—we learn to the bone the lessons we’ve been taught by culture and by experience that to experience sexual pleasure is, somehow, bad.

I’m not saying anything radically new to anyone who has ever opened a copy of Our Bodies/Our Selves, but I do think that it bears repeating: it’s your body and you can learn to enjoy it.

To that happy end, let me offer a few humble suggestions:

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