Video: Roxxie- Hello Kitty Halloween Pt. 1

By Roxxie

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Roxxie is getting ready for Halloween when she is distracted by her beautiful body in the mirror. She fondles herself, slipping off her top and sliding her hands down her pants. 7:21 min. video


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Video: Roxxie- Bandito Dildo Pt. 3

By Roxxie

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Roxxie can’t get enough of the dildo, so she goes at it again. It hits the g-spot just right so she gets off again. 5:41 min. video


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Fukuoku Power Pack

By Robin

Reviewed by Roxxie

Name of Product: Fukuoku Power Pack
Product Description: Three vibrating fingertips attached with cords to the controller/battery pack that is held on your wrist
Price (approximate): $49.99
Where purchased:

Overall recommendation: 

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Video: Roxxie- Bandito Dildo Pt. 2

By Roxxie

Roxxie Bandito Dildo and Babelube

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Roxxie finishes herself off with her beautiful black dildo, ravishing herself with it, screaming and moaning. 6:00 min. video


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Roxxie: Bandito Pt. 1

By Roxxie

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Roxxie Bandito dildo

Roxxie caresses herself, fondling her own breasts and touching her soft skin. She dreams of her lover’s touch there. Roxxie reaches for a dildo to take it to the next level. 5:34 min. video


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Fushia & Roxxie: Bondage & Bucking

By Roxxie

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Name of Product: Jaguar Harness + Purple Leo Dildo
Product Description: Soft leather harness with unique placement of the dildo to provide the clitoris with increased stimulation. 7-1/8? x 1-1/2? modestly realistic silicone dildo with a smooth, firm shaft and a wonderfully shaped head.
Price (approximate): $80.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

With Fushia bound securely in the red bondage tape, Roxxie gets full access to all her parts. Of course Roxxie whips out her strap on and give Fushia a good ride. 7:23 min. video. The Jaguar harness and Leo dildo are long time favorites here at the Cyber-Dyke studio. Every woman has loved using them, top and bottom! It’s a great combo for beginners and necessary for all long time strap on lovers.


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By Roxxie

A while back I reviewed the iBuzz2 and wasn’t all that impressed by it. I really like the idea, and I was impressed by the technology, but it just wasn’t the toy for me. I jumped at the opportunity to try out the new Naughtibod, from the same people that make the Ohmibod. This is another toy that you hook into your mp3 player that syncs with the music. It is a slimline style vibe with gentle curves that fit just right about everywhere I put the vibe. There is a cord that you plug into the jack on your mp3 player, and that plugs into the vibe and your headphones. You can plug the Naughtibod in to anything with a headphone jack. It also comes with an additional end cap so that you can use it without hooking it up to your mp3 player.

This is a very attractive vibe, very well made, and the vibration is strong. The volume setting on your mp3 player adjusts the strength of vibration, just like the iBuzz2. I am not so fond of this feature because my cunt and ears work on very different scales. I don’t like loud music, but I do like strong vibration. I had it up to the volume level that I use to drown out the subway noise, which is way too loud for listening in my bedroom. I ended up only wearing one earbud so that I wouldn’t go crazy from the volume.

The Naughtibod worked well on my clit and inserted. It’s not quite a g-spot vibe, but if you really tried you could make it work. I don’t think it would work well as an anal vibe because the base isn’t wide enough to use safely in your ass. Overall I was very happy with the vibrator. It doesn’t have a lot of different programs like the iBuzz does, but it does vibrate with the music well. However, and I don’t know if this is just me using a Zune, the Naughtibod totally distorted the sound of my music. I’ll need to give it another try with my iPhone, but the distorted music really ruined the mood for me. It’s an excellent vibe, but distorting the sound is a deal breaker for me.

So I’m going to give it another try with the iPhone and post my video review soon.

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Roxxie & Sapphire: Fun Wand

By Roxxie

funwand1.jpg funwand2.jpg funwand3.jpg funwand.jpg

Name of Product: Fun Wand
Product Description: stainless steel dildo
Price (approximate): $88.00
Where purchased: babeland

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

Sapphire helps Roxxie try out the Njoy Fun Wand. She uses the heavy stainless steel toy on Roxxie’s ass while Roxxie gets off with a Pocket Rocket. 6:51 min. video


September 29, 2009. Anal Toys, Dildos, Roxxie, Sapphire. 1 Comment.

The Jollie Dildo

By Roxxie

Ergonomic G-spot dildo with ridged ring handle.

I’m really kind of lazy when it comes to masturbation. I like a toy that will do the work for me. I can’t be bothered to fuck myself with a dildo, or even rock against a g-spot toy. If I wanted to do a lot of work I would get my partner! I’m usually not even out of bed yet in the morning when I masturbate, so the less effort I have to make to orgasm, the better.

I have been searching for this ideal toy that will do all the work for me, and I’ve found a lot of good toys but none that really got close until now. The Jollie dildo looks strange, and I was skeptical about it myself, but it just might be as close as I can get to a toy that does it all.

According to the box, Jollie delivers pleasure three ways. The large bump on the end is the cervix pressure point and is intended to give a full feeling when inserted. The bump in the middle hits the g-spot, and the handle has ridges and hits the clit. The box even has a little illustrated diagram of female anatomy showing how the Jollie dildo hits all the important spots.


I normally wouldn’t choose such a large toy for myself, but I’m glad I did because this thing is amazing! I had to get myself warmed up a bit with my vibrator first and use lots of lube. It felt like a huge stretch going in, but once it was in place it was more comfortable. I did get a “full feeling? and I could feel the pressure on my g-spot. It really isn’t the kind of dildo that you can easily fuck yourself with. It feels good to grind against it, and even better to use your Hitachi Wand or Wahl or other strong vibrator on it. When I put the Hitachi Wand on the end, oh my god! The world began to spin. It vibrated the dildo on my g-spot and on my clit. This is so much better than the rabbit-style vibes. For one, I like the larger feeling of this dildo. The rabbit style vibes just don’t seem to provide that larger size feeling. I also like that I can just insert the Jollie dildo and go with the Hitachi Wand rather than having to rock or move the rabbit style vibe. I’ve also been disappointed in the amount of pressure or sensation on the g-spot that you get from the rabbit style vibes. Because Jollie specifically puts pressure on the g-spot to begin with, I can get a much better sensation on my g-spot when I vibrate Jollie. I think Jollie does a much better job on the g-spot than the other Hitachi g-spot attachments. I really can’t wait to introduce my girlfriend to this one.

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Odyssey Tickler

By Roxxie

Well, I managed to throw off my sensitivity to vibrators with the Hitachi Wand. At least I suspect that’s what happened. I’m enjoying all these toys but they’re just not getting me off. It isn’t fair to write a bad review because my button isn’t functioning correctly. I’m going off the Hitachi Wand for a while, but in the meantime I’m going to post some of my preliminary reviews.


The Odyssey Tickler is one that I’ve been eyeing lustfully lately. It looks a lot like the Nubby G, but without the g-spot curve. You might not have noticed that the Odyssey Tickler’s ticklers are pointed in a different direction than the Nubby G’s nubs. I found the placement and direction of the ticklers to be far more effective than the nubs. FAR more effective. That small difference makes all the difference for me.


The Odyssey Tickler is easy to use and it is very easy to insert the batteries. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need a toy to have a simple, easy to open and close design. Small design elements can really make a toy worth the extra money. To open the battery case you screw off the end. Inside is this little battery holder piece that guarantees that your batteries go in the right way and stay there. If the battery holder does not slide back in easily, it needs to turn a different direction or flip upside down. Don’t force the battery holder back in. It will slide in easily when it is oriented correctly. The batteries stay in place and won’t move around during play.

The toy switches on and off with a click button on the end. Click through three different vibration speeds. The vibration isn’t exceptionally intense, but the motor is strong and it will last all night. This is a great first time vibe or a great toy for couples. It can be used to tease or it can be used for g-spot play. It is waterproof so take it in the shower or to the hot tub.

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Again with the Smart Balls!

By Roxxie

I finally had a chance to try out the Smart Balls and I love them. The toy is what looks like two large balls connected by a flexible piece with a looped cord on one end. The balls are weighted, so when you shake them you can hear and feel the weight move inside. The balls are 1.5 inches in diameter, which is a good size for me. The length of the toy, 4 inches, is really perfect for me because I prefer sensations lower in my vagina. Smart Balls are not at like a dildo. They offer a more subtle sensation that is different from normal penetration. They are good for Kegel muscle exercise.

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Roxxie: Gee Whiz and G-Spotter

By Roxxie

All this time I’ve been confusing the Hitachi dildo attachment toy that we have, the Gee Whiz, with the G-Spotter . I figured they were probably about the same, they’re both Hitachi attachments intended to stimulate the g-spot. I recently had a chance to use the G-Spotter, and let me tell you, they are a world apart!

First of all the Gee Whiz is silicone and the G-Spotter is vinyl. Recently concerns have been raised about the safety of vinyl products because of their PVC content. After the jelly rubber scare, I’m a bit cautious. There is also a considerable difference in size. The Gee Whiz is about the same size as the dildos I usually use, 5″ long and 1-1/2″ in diameter. The G-Spotter does not feel or look like a dildo at all without a bulbous head and at only 4″ long and 1-1/8″ in diameter. The difference may seem small when you look at the numbers, but it feels like the difference between dildo/penis penetration and finger penetration. I was not at all impressed with the G-Spotter, and it wasn’t long enough to reach my g-spot anyway.

If you did not like the Gee Whiz you may prefer the G-Spotter. You are not likely to notice any vibration near your ass with the G-Spotter, like Chrissy did when she used the G-Whiz. The G-Spotter is also only $16 while the Gee Whiz is $52. I think it is worth the extra money for the Gee Whiz, but your mileage may vary.

September 26, 2009. Dildos, Hitachi Magic Wand, Roxxie. No Comments.

Fushia & Roxxie: Bondage Tape

By admin

fushia roxxie lesbian dyke bondage sex bdsm

Roxxie toys with naughty Fushia. When Roxxie pulls out the bondage tape Fushia resists, but not too much. With Fushia bound, Roxxie can have her way! 7:00 min. video.

Name of Product: Bondage Tape
Product Description: Shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. Pleasure Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. 65ft per roll. 2″ wide.
Price (approximate): $7.95
Where purchased: eXtreme Restraints

Comfortable and strong, this bondage tape holds a woman tight, but can be easily cut off in an emergency. It’s inexpensive and disposable, so less of a mess and no piles of tangled rope all over. It looks really hot and can be used as “clothing” and then cut off at the appropriate moment.


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Free Aqua Wand

By Roxxie

I love the Aqua Wand. It’s a pretty simple vibe, that’s sexy looking and runs for ever. It’s like a more attractive Pocket Rocket, and it’s waterproof.

I reviewed it a while back HERE, and Fleshbot also did a review HERE.

Right now you can Aqua Wand with an $80 purchase at Babeland! I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding $80 of toys that you want. If you need suggestions I would be more than happy to help!

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Fushia & Roxxie: E-Stim Pt. 2

By Roxxie

Fushia keeps toying with Roxxie’s pussy using the e-stim machine. Roxxie is really enjoying it too much. Watch Fushia shock Roxxie’s pussy until she comes! 5:44 min. video

Name of Product: Zeus Beginner E-Stim Kit
Product Description: Designed to send electrical impulses to terminals and attachable toys placed on the body, easy to use rotary controls deliver the pulse amplitude and rate of your choice. Uses a 9Volt battery. Includes 4 Adhesive Pads, Instructions, Sex Clamps, Power Unit, 2 Sets of Lead Wires.
Price (approximate): $110.00
Where purchased: eXtreme Restraints

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

This is a fantastic kit with everything you need to start playing with electrical stimulation. The power box controls are easy to use and allows you to play with a really wide rage of shock strengths. This toy is completely safe to use and can give you pleasure or pain. The electrosex clamps are my favorite because they’re so easy to use and clean. I haven’t had much luck with the adhesive pads, because I got frustrated when they wouldn’t stick to my unshaved pussy. I’ll have to shave and try again.


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Fushia & Roxxie: E-Stim Pt. 1

By Roxxie

lesbian estim electrical play bondage

Fushia brings home a new toy to experiment with, an electrical play toy! She puts Roxxie in spreader bar bondage to make sure that she sits still, and hooks up the little clips to Roxxie’s labia. Then she experiments with sending electrical current through Roxxie’s pussy. 5:34 min. video

Name of Product: Easy Access Neoprene Restraint System
Product Description: comfortable, versatile and inexpensive, the cuffs are heavy duty nylon on the outside, yet comfortable neoprene on the inside. The spreader mid-section is rigid, made of nylon with a reinforced bar underneath. The cuffs are heavy duty Velcro.
Price (approximate): $40.00
Where purchased: eXtreme Restraints

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!

Easy to use, safe and comfortable on the skin. This spreader bar gives easy access to all the goods, and is very secure. Lightweight neoprene is less expensive than leather and vegan. Domme approved! I’m normally not much of a submissive, but I will be using this often on my submissive grrls.


January 13, 2009. Fushia, Restraints, Roxxie, Sensation Toys, Technology. No Comments.

The Easy Access Restraint System

By Roxxie

When Fushia and I were planning our last shoot together I mentioned wanting to test out some new toys with her. I wanted to put her in the Easy Access Restraint System. It makes doggie-style look so very yummy. I ended up going into it myself! It wasn’t quite what I imagined it to be in that first test, but it is a very versatile toy so I’ll be giving it a lot more use.

The Easy Access Restraint System is a nylon and Velcro spreader bar, reinforced so that the bar doesn’t bend. I chose it because I wanted something that was going to be comfortable and not made from leather. Even though it’s only nylon and Velcro, it’s really sturdy and secure. This is a very well made toy that will restrain the most hardcore bottom. You don’t need leather to have fun, and you certainly don’t need to drop a ton of money for a leather toy. You can’t very well get yourself out of the wrist cuffs on your own, and kicking against the ankle cuffs is just going to make you tired. It’s also a very lightweight, so if you’re already burdened with a heavy toy bag this won’t weigh you down. It’s not very long either, so it should fit in your toybag nicely.


I am not particularly flexible in the legs, so I had a hard time staying in the standing doggie-style position while restrained. The ankle cuffs can be adjusted to sit higher on the legs and just below the knee if you need. I also had a hard time holding my position while on my back while restrained. I was hoping that the Easy Access Restraint System would help me hold these positions, but it really didn’t. I can say that it really does force the restrained individual into position. I look forward to experimenting with other positions that might work better for me, and also putting some differently sized and more flexible ladies into the Easy Access Restraint System.

…and the video of Fushia and I is still in the video editing queue.

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